Perceptions 30 for 30 - Year 0

     A few years ago she was in rough shape. The war left her psyche shattered and her soul without purpose. No one had won the war and peace was in the best interest of both sides. The cost of peace was high, especially to her. The leaders of the two factions had to give up their power and travel out into the world the majority of earth knew. The world were people felt limited to only their immediate senses. They knew only what sight, sound, taste, and touch told them, and now so did she. She felt that this was the cruelest torture there could  be and hated every moment of her new existence. She only half lived her new life, performing the basics; eating, sleeping, and menial labor job to support her new pathetic existence.

     That all changed when she met Doug. He saw things in her that no one else had taken the time to notice. |He worked hard to make her day bright and won a hard fought smile from her. He saw her as beautiful and as a princess when before others only saw a warrior queen, and even in her new life others only saw a woman in despair. For the first time in her long life she had no idea why this man wanted her to be around and she found herself liking it. The next year he gave her a reason to live with the birth of their daughter.

     Her second pregnancy seemed just like her first and she felt more content than she had ever remembered. "Is this what my mother felt when she was raising me?" she thought to her self. "Could she have enjoyed watching me sleep when I was young? And did she have all of these hopes and dreams for her daughter like I do for mine? And my unborn child growing in my belly? What wonderful future could be ahead of them? We spent so much time telling each other that we were better than the mere humans, that they could never understand the wonders that we did, but did we miss out on the amazing things that make life worth living?"

    There was a knock at her door, shocking her out of her chair. She slowly waddled over to the door and peered through the eye hole and was shocked and horrified at who she saw outside her door. "How did you find me Phoebe?" she asked as she swung open her door and found her once mortal enemy. Gasping as she noticed how truly Phoebe had transformed. She had traded her once formidable armor for a power suit, her once untamed wild blonde hair had turned into a teased hairdo of a 90's executive. She thought about how her appearance must have been as shocking to Phoebe, gone were her regal cloaks that her clan favored in its place was an oversize t-shirt of Doug's with a silkscreened ALF on it, her slender frame now swollen at the zenith of her pregnancy.  Her once immaculately tamed auburn hair was wild like a madwoman.

    "It wasn't easy. You have kept a low profile. Apparently you have decided to wait out our banishment by doing nothing with your time. I expected more from you Amara. In another time and place I would have thought you a worthy friend and fellow warrior, but this...."

   "If you are just here to insult me you should have never bothered to seek me out in the first place, Phoebe. Us fighting amongst ourselves can only keep us entertained for so long. What are you here for?" Amara asks steeling herself for a potential fight, wishing she still had the forces of magic at her command. She took a posture she had taken many times before ready to fight with powers she no longer has

    "I knew there was still fight left in you," Phoebe laughs. "Too bad we have been neutered in what we can do anymore and are just left with our most human of qualities," she says as she spits the word human with great disgust. " I am here because I have a warning for you. I have been having nightmares about you and your children. I know your daughter and this boy that is growing inside of you have a rough future ahead of you. I should have just let you face this future unknown, but even though fate has always cast us as enemies and our factions against each other I have always respected you as the formidable warrior I know you to be."

     "What have your dreams told you about my children," Amara asked immediately disarming her stance. A mix of worry and fear now began to seep into her. She knew that her clan would often receive powerful warning dreams and that it was only shared with the other as the highest honor. She remembered back to the times when she was still a young child before the war their parents had started, remembering the girl she once played war with before life cruelly ended their budding friendship. She sat back down onto her couch bracing herself for the news to come.

     "As you know our abilities have been cut of but I am sure you at times have been able to sense a fleeting glimpse of who we once were. If only I could see the whole picture like before I could spare you what I believe is to come. I can only see you and  I working together because I know that only by us working together can we find the answer. I know as a mother that you will live each day on edge already, and not because of this warning but because that is what being a mother is, and I know that you above all others will protect her young with her life because that is who you are, and that is what our misguided war was about. I come to you now to let you know that when that day comes I will gladly strip our years of mistrust and taught hatred of each other and become the little girl again who's month would be brightened when she got to visit with her dearest friend, the only one she knew who like her for her and not who her parents were."

     "Phoebe," Amara says after a few moments. "You have always been a worthy foe and when the time needs I know you will make the most worthy ally. I only regret that circumstances prevented us from staying friends."

     "I will take my leave of you now and let you return to this life you have built for yourself. Know this though..... raising your children will be the greatest gift that life can ever give you. I will eternally miss mine and hope that they steer clear of the mistakes that we made. "

    Phoebe walks out the door and out of Amara's life. She sits back on her couch and wonders weather Phoebe's dreams are real or just normal nightmares that her psyche in having to protect herself from the monotony of this new life. She worries that Phoebe wont be able to find peace like she has. She is relieved though that should the need ever arise she will have her as an ally, a friend like in her youth years before.

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