Easier said than done

Why is it that it is always easy to come up with an idea than to actually start it. Ideas they come so fast and so very quick to me. The good ones get stuck in my head until I acknowledge them usually by using them as the narrative that helps take me to dreamworld.  They grow and change in my minds twilight untill they take a life of there own. They live on, outside of your control at certain points and you find the story taking twists that you never thought they qould take. Sometimes you can go back and change the whole story into something better something more real something more compelling.  Thats hoq the creative prpcess works for me. I am always more creative when I should be doing something else. There lies my problem.  When I make myself take the timeand make sure I am prepared, give myself a quota of pages or problems I tense up, I go so slowly. The ideas seam to be safer and not as free, l maybe because when you right them they become permanent.  Those ideas no longer lige solely in my head to entertain me they become fact and proof pf either my creativity,  my ability to tell a ccompelling story or my total lack thereof.  In my mind there is no grey area. I allow it for others but never for myself. I do not know why I get rhat way but I do........ and my use of the period..... it is so me but so ..........

Is it a fear that I can not do what I thought I always wanted to do. I look back to being a kid and I alwaus wanted to be a writer or an artist or create comics........  I wanted to be a journalist for a while or do advertising..... and while I know journalism was never the way advertising w as always had an appeal..... just the ramblings of me, just the ramblings or a guy maybe to afraid to fail so he plays it safe. 

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